Flights to Newark, CA: Gateway to Silicon Valley

Strap in, thrill-seekers, as we take off on a rollicking journey to Newark! No, not the one in New Jersey - the one that’s snugly nestled in the beautiful, avocado-laden arms of California. It might not be the 'Nork' you're used to, but it sure is the one you'll fall in love with.

Flights online

Your journey to Newark, California, begins with a flight booking experience as smooth as a California burrito. Two main airports serve this silicon-gilded city – Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), a mere 17 miles southeast, and Oakland International Airport (OAK), 20 miles northwest. But distance ain't nothing but a number when you're cruising down the Californian highways, soaking in the Pacific views.

Finding cheap flights to either of these airports is easier than spotting a palm tree in Cali. These airports play host to a cocktail of airlines - Southwest, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, you name it. Direct flights, round trip flights, or flights to and from Newark, it's your oyster to shuck!

The journey begins

Now that we've landed, let's talk about getting you around Newark. And no, you won't need to wrestle with a Californian grizzly bear for directions. Newark's AC Transit bus service is your trusty steed, with routes 200, 216, and 232 serving the city. Hitch a ride on these, and you'll be seeing the city faster than you can say, "Eureka!"

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All in all, folks, getting to Newark is easier than finding a Hollywood star in Beverly Hills. So let's take off to this city that's as vibrant as a Californian sunset. When you fly with us, every journey feels like a celebrity road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. So kick back, relax, and let's head to Newark, California – where the only baggage you need is the one you're checking in!